Yield Farming for NFTs

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Yield Farming for NFTs
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New Revenue Streams

Open Koi provides NFTs with new income streams while expanding and optimizing NFT capabilities via “Koi Assets”.

Moving Beyond ERC-721

The accessibility of the ERC-721 standard has led to an explosion of digital art, but as we’ve discussed in a previous blog, this is imperfect. Currently, a small number of marketplaces house the majority of these NFTs, mostly as ERC-721 contracts.

Atomic NFTs

The launch of the Atomic NFT standard on the Arweave allows for digital creators to mint permanent assets that provide attention-based income streams in the form of $KOI rewards. Not only does this standard provide creators with new opportunities to earn a “yield” on their NFT, but it closes the loop on digital creation.

Earn Rewards

By registering their NFTs on the Arweave with Koi, collectors and creators will be able to earn a secondary revenue stream in the form of attention rewards, and ensure long term preservation of their assets with implicit permanence.

Reducing Waste

Creators can upload their creations directly to the permaweb as Koi assets, or transfer their ERC-721 NFTs to the Koi NFT portal. This means that ERC-721 NFTs can now earn passive dividends forever, just by being displayed in a Koi-compatible gallery. NFTs can also be minted directly to the permaweb via the Koi network, bypassing the need for the Ethereum blockchain and wasteful gas cost.

Join Koi

Is your NFT not-for-sale? You will earn $KOI, forever.

Is your NFT for sale? You will earn $KOI, forever.

The ability to monetize authentic digital creations based on attention has exciting implications. We can’t wait to show you.

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